Dave SanAngelo

Come aboard

Hey, you! I’m David SanAngelo.

Since the late 90's, I’ve collaborated with a billion-trillion super amazing people in the fine business of broadcast and web animation.

I am a freelance director, storyboarder and illustrator, recently working with Take the Cake Productions and Hero4Hire Creative, directing an animated special for the Boston Red Sox and the Webby-winning YouTube series Storybooth.

Before that I was storyboarding the Disney XD show Future Worm, directing an animated project for The Smithsonian with FableVision and I worked at Bento Box Atlanta as an Associate Producer and Art Director. I also worked at Soup2Nuts Animation Studio as Creative Director (responsible for creating and developing properties) and I was the Director of WordGirl (PBS), Assy McGee (Adult Swim) and Time Warp Trio (NBC, Discovery Kids, WGBH) -- receiving Emmy Nominations For WordGirl and Time Warp Trio.

Home Movies (Adult Swim), Hey Monie (BET, Oxygen) Show and Tell (Cartoon Network), Cosby (CBS),The Dick and Paula Celebrity Special (FX) and Science Court (ABC) were projects I was thrilled to be a part of as a storyboarder, animator and designer. Yes, thrilled!

In regards to illustration, my work has been displayed at the Society of Illustrators NY and LA shows and published in Spectrum.

Oh, I’m also an Eagle Scout and would be happy to lash together a monkey bridge if someone required such a thing.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

"Dave is a super talented dude and a great collaborator! Home Movies wouldn't have been what it was without him!"

— Brendon Small,
Metalocalypse creator, Home Movies co-creator

"I have worked with many talented people, but none quite like Dave "Davio" SanAngelo. Davio and I first met on an animated series that was in a tailspin. A smoking, looping, torn wing, tailspin...When I arrived the crew was frustrated, confused and burned out. The show needed some life, a jolt, a vision... Davio humbly stepped up, and never looked back.

At that time he was a solid animator moving into the Animation Director position, where he flourished. After a few hit series (!) he was promoted to Creative Director of the studio and weighed in on all projects. In whatever spare time he could eek out he was busy developing and pitching his own, funny original ideas.

On top of the raw talent and the selflessness, Davio understands why schedules and budgets matter. Somehow he manages to keep things professional and timely, but also light and fun. It’s a gift.I am honored to have worked with him and can proudly recommend Davio to any studio for any project."

— David Trexler,
Supervising Producer Soup2Nuts Animation

"I've been lucky enough to work with David, "Davio", on three series: first on Time Warp Trio, then WordGirl and now on Smithsonian's Good Thinking series. He's the kind of Director who motivates his team to deliver their best work. He tackles the toughest challenges with enthusiasm, humor and creativity. One of Davio's most unique qualities is that he dedicates himself whole-heartedly to his projects.

On Good Thinking he was challenged with making topics like photosynthesis and evolutionary trees entertaining. I can't think of many people who could pull it off. But Davio keeps us all laughing at every review session. He inspires his team, producers, and clients. If you're looking for a jolt of positive energy, hire Davio. He's tops.

— Danielle Gillis,
Producer, FableVision

"We truly enjoyed working with Dave on the New Balance project. He's both incredibly efficient and productive while being totally fun and easy to work with. He works quickly and pays attention to every detail. He takes direction perfectly well, but really shines when you allow him to just do his thing. His strongest asset might be that he's a great thinker as well as animator/illustrator. He doesn't work blindly, he finds thoughtful ways to solve problems. I would work again with Dave on anything, including both personal projects as well as major client work at Almighty."

— Tom Gallo,
Art Director @ Almighty

"Working with Dave on the Minimus game for New Balance was a fantastic experience. Given little direction and vague descriptions, he was able to create these magical worlds and breathtaking illustrations seemingly out of thin air, consistently exceeding our expectations. He has the unique ability to visually capture anything you have in mind, quickly and efficiently. His "can-do" attitude and boundless enthusiasm made the game an absolute pleasure to work on, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again on a project sooner rather than later."

— Alex Nelson,
Copy Writer @ Almighty

"I met Dave once. Good guy. His last name is 'Samanger' or something like that, right?"

— Mike Wislocki,
Partner, Squarewave... and builder of this site